A blog for the little frustrations which accompany speech and debate teams. I'm one half of a duo interp team, so expect lots of speech stuff.
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Hello, my name is Omar Ortiz and I’m the new co-owner of this account. I have done speech and debate for 3 years and I’m a member of the National Forensics League. I’m really close friends with the co-owner of the account Jeran McGill. Her mother is my speech coach.

  • Extemp:

    Finds the good deals on gifts according to article and date.

  • Pufo:

    Points out logical fallacies in the way the ornaments are displayed.

  • HI:

    Ho Ho Ho Ho Holy Sh**, SLOW DOWN

  • DI:

    Cries bc no presents for them.

  • DUO:

    Twerks around the christmas tree in sync

  • Policy:

    Researching for policy debate stuff no one else cares about.

  • LD:

    Two peeps fighting over what gift wrapping paper to use.

  • Congress:

    arguing on whether it's illegal to give nuclear weapons as gifts, even if your friend is named Northeko Reah.